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Our Vision - Our Mission - Our Promise - Our Objective

Marriage is not just a one-day celebration; it's a celebration of togetherness for a lifetime, where two entirely different souls come together as ONE! We at Khandelwalbyah.com understand the importance of making the right decision and choosing the right partner.

Khandelwalbyah.com’s vision is to become the most successful matrimonial service, which will be trusted by all Khandelwals all over the world to help them find their soulmates. Now every khandelwal is going to meet his / her life partner through Khandelbyah.com’s revolutionary matchmaking services.

Khandelwalbyah.com is a team of skilled professionals whose goal is to provide management expertise and specialized administrative services for the successful marriages in our khandelwal community across the world in an efficient & cost-effective manner.

Khandelwalbyah.com’s team is a set of hardworking people, with a mission, and a promise. Khandelwalbyah.com’s team is dedicated to provide you with the perfect partner search experience and believes that no other matrimonial service can provide you with the value that khandelwalbyah.com can.

Khandelwalbyah.com’s mission is to help all khandelwal singles to meet their life partners, their perfect match, their dream world, their soulmates Right now Right here.

Khandelwalbyah.com’s objective is

  1. To provide a perfect matchmaking experience from all the potential life partners across the world who belongs to our khandelwal community.
  2. To understand the needs and concerns of all khandelwal singles.
  3. To provide a pleasant, satisfying, and superior matchmaking experience to our khandelwals by protecting their privacy and security.
  4. To give our customers complete control through easy to use interfaces and features that can help them to identify, to filter and to contact potential partners
  5. To display more relevant & perfect matches than any other matrimonial site from the khandelwal community only
  6. To offer our best services in a safe & friendly manner
  7. To give out khandelwal singles the best,easy to use, quick in action, with full of relevant information and with the fresh look, the platform of "Khandelwalbyah.com" to search their life partner.

Please take some time and go through the help to know more about the Khandelwalbyah.com in a better and systematic way.

We believe so strongly that Khandelwalbyah.com is the only right match-making solution for the entire khandelwal community across the world. We thank you for visiting us and using our services and hope that we can help you to meet your perfect match.

Our years of experience and research says that marriage are not that simple. It involves two people, their personalities & thinking, their dreams & desires, their feelings & emotions, and their principles & psychologies. Marriage cannot simply be formulated into a software application. A successful marriage requires a mix of Understanding & Adjustment, Compatibility & Correction, Chemistry & Compassion, Care & Love, Commitment & Responsibility, Community & Society, Communication & Clarity. 

As we now that different people give different priorities to the above factors in their description of an ideal life partner and consequently they are looking for different things in an ideal match making solution.

On Khandelwalbyah.com you can register and create a comprehensive profile with photo. Your profile will have details about yourself, your family background and above all your partner preferences. 

Marriage is based on compatibility and we have a host of search options that will help you to find the most compatible partner from our vast database of Khandelwal profiles. We also provide you with the best communication tools to understand your partner better.  

When it comes to security or privacy, we use the latest and the most cutting edge technologies available in the online environment to provide all khandelwal singles with fast, relevant and best matching results in strict confidence.

The most important thing to everyone is to be able to set filters so that – He / She will meet people that He / She is interested in. Why should he / she has to deal with somebody, he / she is not clear, he / she do not wish to marry, he / she is not interested in. Others are of the opinion that - 'I am simply exploring whether I am ready to get married. I think I am but I will only truly know when I meet the 'right' person. So, for me I want a service where I can meet a large number of diverse people'.

We fulfill the needs of today's eligible khandelwal singles those who are searching for convenient and effective ways to meet with prospective partners from khandelwal community.

Let’s start and help our khandelwal singles in taking the first step towards a successful marriage.

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